Why now is always the best time to photograph your family / Litchfield County, CT and NYC (Brooklyn and Manhattan) Lifestyle Family Photographer

People often ask me, when is the best time to photograph their family. My answer is now! Documenting where you are in life right now is important. I typically photograph my families each year.

There is nothing like being able to watch your children grow before your eyes and go back to remember the details that fade in your memory so quickly. From how teeny tiny they are in the first few weeks of their life, to their chubby little hand dimples just months later. How you’re able to hold them in one arm, and as they grow how their legs dangle as you hug them. How their hair was blond and curly and later it straightens and darkens to a beautiful auburn. Each stage matters.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching this sweet family grow. Each time I photographed them we began in their Cobble Hill apartment in Brooklyn and then roamed around the neighborhood, strolling to Cobble Hill Park and Brooklyn Farmacy for some photos in their New York City neighborhood they love.


What matters most is how you love each other!
My focus is on your connection with each other.

As another season winds down you’ll hug them and realize that they’re getting bigger all the time.

Don’t let another year rush past you with nothing but selfies on your phone. I’m here to help!