Newborn - Litchfield County, CT and NYC (Brooklyn and Manhattan) Lifestyle Family Photographer

It’s hard to believe we all began this tiny. Having a child shifts your life in ways you can’t possibly prepare for or grasp. In the early days you sleep in shifts and your needs fall to the bottom of your priority list. The very bottom. When I had my son I started listening to The Longest Shortest Time podcast in it’s infancy and it was a lifeline.

I spent countless wee hours nursing my newborn and listening in the dark nodding along knowing someone else was going through this too. The best thing I did for myself in advance of my son’s arrival was build a support system through other soon to be mamas at a prenatal yoga class in my neighborhood in Brooklyn Heights. They became my reason to leave my apartment, to meet up together at Le Pain Quotidien or float from one apartment to the next nursing, changing diapers, chatting, rinse and repeat. I’m so grateful to those women for helping shape who I became as a mother and then reminding me I was so much more.

If you've had a baby, did you find a support system in those early months? How did you find them? What tips would you have for other soon-to-be-mamas?