In-home Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session, Park Slope Brooklyn NY

After you welcome a new baby home you want to focus on taking care of your new tiny person, recovering yourself and settling into your new “normal” as a family. If this is your first child everything is a new experience. This is why I love coming to you where you’re most comfortable and we can go at your pace to capture this precious fleeting time.

They’re only little once.

Even a month later when we get together to review your images and pick your favorites to frame on the wall and put in an album or folio box, you’ll notice how much they’ve already changed - their legs and cheeks fill out, they get more alert, maybe have more hair. You’ll be so grateful you planned to freeze this time to look back on. It’s just as much for them as it is for you.  Your kiddo will grow up and be able to look back and see how much you loved them from the very beginning.

This kind and loving family first welcomed me into their home in Brooklyn three years ago when their baby arrived and their lives were forever changed.  We spent a relaxed morning together with their sweet sleepy daughter, snuggled on their bed and in their living room. Dad was dutifully taking notes along the way “What is that magical white noise app? Your stool folds? We need that!” (he’d ordered both from his iPhone before I’d even left). 

Three years later mom reached out to tell me they were expecting a second daughter and asked me to return. This is the biggest compliment I can receive, to continually be invited back to document a family as they grow.  Last month I headed back to their apartment to meet their newest daughter and it felt like visiting old friends. 

So you think you just want to download digital files?

When they first engaged me I was photographing newborns and families and afterwards I’d email a link to download digital files of their images.  If you’re a new or soon-to-be parent you know life is busier than ever and even with the best of intentions what I realized was my families simply weren’t getting around to printing their photos — years went by and they weren’t enjoying their family memories on their walls or in albums they could flip through together on a lazy Saturday in pajamas with coffee in hand marveling over how tiny their babies used to be (mine is seven now — no idea how that happened).

I hear you and I’m going to share something I haven’t before.  My husband and I will be celebrating our twelfth wedding anniversary this fall and I still haven’t made an album of our wedding photos. 

*Mic drop* 

I know, GASP! 

Anyone else, raise your hands so I don’t feel so alone.  I should have invested in an album when my photographer offered it.  Bottom line, I can help so YOU don’t end up with the same regrets. 

I share with you that this Brooklyn family hadn’t printed a single photo from their first daughter’s session not to shame them, but to share with you WHY I now offer to do it all for you, because I get it!  When we had our reveal and ordering session for their second daughter’s in-home lifestyle newborn session I told them they were welcome to order images from both sessions if they’d like and they were thrilled and grateful!  I can’t wait to see their wall hung when they’re all done. 


Envision Your Family Photographs as Art in Your Home

Here is a mockup I made to help them envision how they could incorporate their family photos into their home to enjoy them every day.  I’d love to help you do the same.  I encourage you to exist in photographs, not on your iPhone, not on a DVD or USB (neither of which I can even use on my new computer by the way), a hard drive that might crash, the cloud, but in actual printed photographs!


And now…cute babies! This is their first baby girl (who is now three). They were adoring gentle first time parents, not to mention so cool! Gotta love that Dad matched his shirt to Momma’s FAB pink hair!

And here are highlights from their second baby girl’s newborn session last month. Again Dad’s shirt matched Mom’s hair…this time, blue! Could she be any more awesome?! A fuller house this time I got to spend the morning with Mom, Dad, big sister, brand new baby sister, Grandpa and Grandma. I LOVE including multiple generations in my sessions. What I wouldn’t give to have more photos with my beloved Grandma Victoria.

Thank you Vivian and Ben for trusting me to document your memories and for making the decision to invest in these photographs for your daughters.

Are you expecting a new baby?  I’d love to spend some precious time in your home after you welcome your baby home.  Click below to learn more.  I’d be happy to schedule a call and would love to learn more about your family.