In-home Newborn Photo Session in NYC Apartments or Small Spaces

Are you pregnant and thinking about documenting your newborn at home but worry that your house or apartment is too cluttered, too small, doesn't look like a magazine feature, [insert concern here]?  Not to worry -- all I need is a window and your sweet little family and I've got you!  You have enough to think about right now.  

father holding newborn son while mom looks on in their apartment lifestyle newborn photographer session in nyc by lindsey victoria photography

I look for the light, wherever that may be.  Most often I’ll have you snuggle up on the master bed, on the living room couch, in the nursery (if you have one), but sometimes the best light is simply standing by a window.  You and your family are the subject, so the rest is secondary.   

There is nothing in the world like bringing your baby home, especially when it’s your first child. It's a seismic shift. I planned and planned, but really, no amount of planning prepares you for getting home and realizing you have very little idea what you're doing.

In fact I distinctly remember thinking, as we packed up to leave the hospital and head home to our tiny Brooklyn Heights apartment, “Wait, they’re just going to let us take him home?”

I remember that feeling when I am welcomed into the home of new parents. How literally everything is something new to learn. But one thing remains the same -- the tenderness and love with which new parents care for their new person and the way they now look at each other in awe.

You will never regret documenting this fleeting time, because, if you’re like me, most of those first few weeks will otherwise be a blur.

Almost this entire session was photographed in the couple’s master bedroom in their Long Island City co-op apartment in NYC. This was my third time there, the first for their maternity session, the second to meet their first baby, who is the toddler you see in the gallery below. Their most important moments captured in the place they’re most comfortable — their home!

Does this make you feel a little bit better? If you’re ready to learn more about inviting me into your home to photograph your baby he or she arrives, click the button below. I’d be honored.