"Lindsey is a true professional but also down to earth and fun to work with. Not only are her photographs gorgeous, but she is magical with kids and makes the process fun for them (and therefore for us, too!) She has a fantastic eye and is able to capture the essence of a person in a glance or the magic of a moment between people. She is also one of the nicest and most generous people you will ever meet. The love with which she approaches her subjects must be part of the secret to her beautiful work. Her photographs are treasures!"

— Hilary, Brooklyn, NY


"We feel so fortunate to have connected with Lindsey. Not only was she extremely accommodating of our busy schedules, she maintained an incredible calmness, order, and enthusiasm throughout the entire process. Communicative and compassionate, Lindsey gave us clear direction to help prepare for the photo session. 

The day of the session, we were facing an iffy weather forecast and a bit of an 'off' day for the kidlette. No matter! Lindsey worked both to her advantage, capturing some of the most lovely images of each - and all - of us. 

We gave Lindsey a seemingly impossible list of requests, and she met all with a smile and clear determination. Work travel and obligations kept us from doing a live 'reveal' session and I was so thankful Lindsey was able to arrange a digital meeting. She prepared a beautiful slideshow and little did I know, she was keeping tabs on my reaction! It was a brilliant maneuver as it allowed her to narrow down my clear favorites making print selections much easier to decide. 

Overall, we couldn't be happier. Lindsey captured our essence as a family and created lasting markers of a fabulous point in time. Bottom line: Lindsey is supremely talented and we are definitely eager to work with her again!"

— Amanda, Washington, CT


"Lindsey photographed my newborn, my husband and me. She captured some amazing images. We particularly loved the more artistic close-up shots of the small things: fingers, toes, Madeleine holding her father's finger, her resting her head on my chest, etc. Madeleine is 3.5 months old and I am amazed at how much she has changed!! We are so grateful we have these beautiful pictures of Madeleine when she was born. I highly recommend Lindsey to photograph your newborn! She will take beautiful shots you will love and make your family feel comfortable in the process."

— Claire, Long Island City, NY


"I've had a wonderful experience working with Lindsey- she has an incredible eye and has captured very special moments of my family year after year, charting the growth of my little ones. But what makes Lindsey unique is her warm, caring demeanor- she immediately sets the family at ease so she can capture very real & fun moments!! Her images have made for special keepsakes and we will treasure them for a lifetime. Lindsey gets my enthusiastic two thumbs up!"

— Melanie, Brooklyn, NY


"My family and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lindsey! She has an incredible sense of what makes photography special and has a wonderful ability to capture those special moments that you will look at for years to come and smile. She's an absolute pleasure to work with and be around and was helpful in giving us direction during our shoot without being intrusive. You can tell that she loves what she does and she will go above and beyond to ensure a successful photo shoot. She's great with kids and is very easy going and easy to work with. We will definitely be asking her to photograph our family again!"

— Jenna, Brooklyn, NY


"Our experience with Lindsey was wonderful! My husband and I were so overwhelmed with our first newborn at the time, we kept going back and forth on whether we even wanted to do a newborn shoot. As a last minute reach out, we found Lindsey who's response was prompt and flexible which is exactly what we needed. She was a natural with Selene and brought [swaddles] with her so that we didn't have to think about that as well. She was easy to get along with, had great conversation and I could tell she was very comfortable working with newborns. I loved that she did natural shots and Selene was never in any awkward positions for photos. She also did some posed shots to satisfy grandma's family photos as well. Lindsey stayed almost three hours with us to capture plenty of pictures, and the final set of photos were beautiful. We received them in a timely manner, with updates along the way. I will always keep her in mind for future family photos that we want to do."

— Vivian, Brooklyn, NY


"I have had the pleasure to know Lindsey for many years in personal and professional settings. I would first like to speak to her personal qualities. Lindsey is one of the most kind and generous human beings I have ever met. She cares so much. She cares about you, your feelings, your needs, your goals, what you are looking for and what matters to you, this is fundamentally who she is. She has so much passion and desire to do the right thing for you and do the best job that is possible. She exudes the utmost respect for you. She is funny, charming, relaxed and so so sweet.

That aside she has an amazing skill set and business sense. She has been running projects for years and her own business is now benefiting from her vast experience. Her love for photography has grown over the many years she has been involved in it personally and professionally. I and my family have had the utmost honor to have her as a friend and as her client. Her ease as a director and story teller behind the camera comes across as purely natural. Her ability to listen and understand what your needs are or help you discover your needs, implement and produce is seamless. She is aware and knows how to handle everything that is happening during the process, from nervousness, an unhappy child/children, changing of circumstances, to mishaps and has the ability to fix adapt and produce not only an unbelievably amazing result, but make the whole process such an enjoyable one.

I have had experience with Lindsey in planned directed shoots to spontaneous occasions and her professionalism, fun and relaxed nature follows her. She has the ability to manage tough situations, secretly seeing a special moment only she knows will work, being invisible and coming up with ideas that only someone with an artist’s eye could imagine.

I have been the recipient of amazing products from prints to photo albums that are just breathtaking and produce emotions out of nowhere!! You are lucky to have such a talented person to create for you. I hope to have many more experiences with her."

— Lindsay, NY, NY


"Lindsey is amazing behind the camera. She has an eye for those sweet, little moments that parents have a habit of forgetting in the haze of diaper changes and midnight feedings. She photographed our family when my son was only a month old - and despite the brief time we shared, she captured a lifetime of love. I think it's because she's a mom herself, and she really connects with and understands her subjects. We're so lucky to have those images!"

— Reese, Brooklyn, NY


"Lindsey has an incredible talent of catching 'a moment in time'. I was not aware of this photograph being taken and it has just captured how we felt during our holiday surrounded by our family and friends."

— Christina, Chiswick, England


"Love how Lindsey photographs the moments that mean the most. Especially the in between ones of me and my daughter. I treasure those pictures. A dream to work with!"

— Erica, West Hartford, CT


"Lindsey did such a stunning job capturing my parents for their anniversary photos. She was able to perfectly highlight the joy and free spirit of my folks. She pulled out the kids in them. I'm so grateful I'll have these photos forever. Thanks Linds!"

— Nadia, Florence, Italy


"Lindsey's attention to detail is just amazing. She has a wonderful eye for color and composition as well as an ability to coax the most out of wild young children! Lindsey took beautiful photos of my husband, 3 year old and myself."

— Christine, Sydney, Australia